Customized Itineraries
Dream Vacations

We at Customized Italy specialize in designing itineraries that meet the specific interests and needs of our guests.   Whether this is your first vacation to Italy or you are a seasoned Italian traveler, we will take the stress out of planning your "Dream Vacation".


What is a customized itinerary?

It is an Italian itinerary created especially for you.   Our knowledge and experience can eliminate the uncertainty associated with planning an ideal trip on your own. Our extensive network of service providers will guarantee that the best accommodations, transportation and activities are at your disposal.


Why should I have a customized itinerary?

By allowing us to design your Italian itinerary, your time is leveraged during both the planning stage and the actual tour in Italy.   The customized Italian itinerary is an original and personal program for your journey in Italy.   Our goal is to maximize the quality of your experience in Italy!  


How does the process of designing a customized itinerary work?

By sharing your desires and needs with Customized Italy, we will craft a unique Italian excursion just for you.   Whether you are planning an intimate wedding anniversary celebration or you are gathering for a family reunion - we will incorporate your specific requests into a completely one-of-a-kind Italian experience.

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