NEW - Florence & Fresh Gelato

This is the ideal “taster” tour of the magical Renaissance city of Florence.  We will begin our privately-guided walking tour with a reserved visit to the Accademia Gallery which is home to Michelangelo’s David – Florence’s most treasured work of art and symbol of the city.   

After our visit to the Gallery, we will walk through the ancient streets and charming piazzas of Florence.  We will enjoy the exterior beauty of Brunelleschi’s Dome and Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise which are located in the religious and historical center of the city.  We will also stroll through the glorious Piazza Signoria and view the imposing Palazzo Vecchio on the square.

Throughout this splendid adventure, we will discuss the Renaissance and its famous artists, the incredible Medici family and the impact of this impressive era – which all began in Florence.

During this private exploration, we will also identify the Vasari Corridor – the Corridor was built for the Grand Duke to link his private home with his offices (the Uffizi).  And, of course, we will take in the astounding Ponte Vecchio – the oldest surviving bridge crossing the famous Arno River.

Along this fascinating journey we will visit one of the oldest and most famous gelaterias in Florence.  Your Customized Italy guide will take you to a shop where they have been hand-making gelato for over 75 years.  Every morning their production begins with the simple basic elements of milk, cream, sugar, and eggs – and then adding the freshest seasonal and natural ingredients.  Each guest will enjoy 4 different flavors of their choice!  Anything from vanilla to pistachio – or maybe you prefer lavender gelato!

Renaissance means “rebirth” – and after this amazing journey, you will be revitalized by the rich culture of Florence and refreshed by the delicious gelato tasting!

 * In order to save time and avoid long queues, Customized Italy will coordinate the reservations of the entrance tickets to the Accademia Gallery.

Number of guests:




4 Hour Tour




This is designed as a walking tour. Our guests will be responsible for any extra transportation charges and/or entrance fees.

Reserved Accademia entrance fees are approximately € 16 per person are not reflected in the rates outlined above. Customized Italy must collect the reservation fee at time of booking the tour & the balance is due directly at the Gallery on the day of the tour.

Rates above include gelato tasting fees.

Depending on the time of our reserved entrance, the order of the tour itinerary may be modified.

Please note that the Accademia is closed on Mondays. If our guests would like this tour on a Monday, we arrange a visit to the Duomo Museum which houses a Pieta by Michelangelo and the original panels of the “Gates of Paradise”.